Globalocity is the story of Raymond, a young man who travels the world. Go with him on a mind-expanding odyssey to India, Israel, China, Africa, and elsewhere. Explore everything. On your journey, you'll meet gurus and gorillas, scientists and guerrillas, hustlers, historians, and people with dizzying quantities of faith. You'll also discover a disturbing family secret back home... Global velocity! . . . Get your copy today.

"Globalocity: The Adventures of Raymond by David Leberknight is an adventure story about world exploration with a funny and witty twist. Raymond wants to travel the world. He sets off on an extraordinary adventure to New York City and India. He might even stop in Brazil, if the mood strikes him. Along the way he meets incredible people and learns a lot about the world's culture, people's prejudices, and how they view Americans. The story is relaxed and told in a carefree manner, but there are a number of sub plots woven into the story that tackle deeper issues like religion, philosophy, and politics. The story even asks questions about life itself. So prepare for an epic adventure, and make sure to fasten your seat belt.

Globalocity is a fun, engaging read that I couldn't put down. Once I started, I had to finish it and know how Raymond's ride ended. Leberknight did an excellent job of creating memorable characters that rocked their world, even the new, strange and unique cultures that they were visiting. I also really enjoyed the sub plots within this story. So while most of the story was laid back and cool, the subplots gave it an added dimension, or a depth that the story really needed. It was a nice way of asking readers to think about what they were reading, instead of just giving us an entertaining story with no depth or merit." - Milan Fila for Reader's Favorite - FIVE STARS

If you go on the road hoping to find it, you might discover you've had it with you all along. That which you seek is yourself.